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"Al wat vorstelijk niet helemaal spoorde."
"Gedetailleerd is Joan Bos' stamboom van Hare Majesteit."

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"De verhalen getuigen van een groot gevoel voor wrange humor."

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"Fascinating series of articles.."

Channel 4 History
" ..have a look at the weirdly wonderful and information-packed " Joan's Mad Monarchs Series.

" .. witty and lurid biographies of deranged and peculiar rulers throughout history .. "

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"Makes you realise that a couple of royal divorces is really nothing to get excited about."

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" excellent educational resource
and of much value to history educators and students."
"Top o' the line illustrated juicy tidbits on insane leaders."

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"Biographies on many royals around the globe.
The mad monarchs is worth a look with pupils."


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" The site's best feature is its alliterative Mad Monarchs series [..].
Next to this, Fergie's toe-sucking exploits seem like nothing to write home about."

"A well designed and extremely interesting resource page worth bookmarking."

" This site documents some of the severe personality disorders and mental illnesses suffered, it seems, by many of Europe's royal houses over the centuries. It is apparent that having an absolute ruler afflicted by mental illness was a disaster for most countries - which makes these stories all the more sad. "

The Tudor Rose Award
"The Royalty in History site has undergone a recent re-vamp
and is now one of the most attractive sites you could find on the Web.
We liked the fact that not only is this site educational, it is fun as well."

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"Extensive personal bios sum up the likes of diabolical Domitian and co-dependent Caligula."

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"The Royalty in History Site is a wonderful place for all having the slightest interest
in the Royal subject. The site is extremely well organized and illustrated,
and the use of colors for backgrounds, texts and links are an example to others."

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On The Medieval/Renaissance/Reformation World

"Thoughtful examination of peculiar behavior patterns and little known physical handicaps
of royalty from antiquity to the 1800's. Beats 90210 or Melrose Place by a wide margin
and proves truth is definitely stranger than fiction."

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"Contains pages on European royal persons from Antiquity to the present. With links to the European royal houses."

".. een leerzame, amusante en fraaie site."

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"The best part is the "Mad Monarch" series [..]. For all it's lighthearted attitude,
every biography is well documented and includes an extensive bibliography."

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