This is a series of biographies on the personal lives of history's mad royals. The absolute power they enjoyed often brought out the worst features of their character. Many Royals had egocentric, megalomaniac or paranoid tendencies and their mental states ranged from severe psychotic and psycho-organic disorders to personality disorders and light neuroses. Although not all Royals in this series were clinically mad, they certainly were peculiar.

Kinky Kings of Spain

Melancholic Majesties of Portugal

Silly Sovereigns of France

Raving Royals of Great Britain

Vicious Vikings of Scandinavia

Peculiar Princes and Princesses of The Low Countries

Foolish Fürsts of Germany

Erratic Emperors of Austria

Crazy Caesars of Rome

Deranged Dukes of Italy

Terrible Tsars of Russia

Villain Voivodes of the Balkans

Sadistic Sultans of Turkey

Rakish Rulers of the Middle East

Appalling Autocrats of Asia

Lunatic Leaders in Antiquity

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